Illinois Countryside, Chicago Just Over the Horizon.



Colin was all in favor of replacing Bridget with this mobile extravaganza. There would be no end to the things he could tinker with and “fix”. Until 2012, it was supposedly in operation moving from town to town, mostly along Route 66 in Illinois. I personally think the driver would need very close “connections” in the Dept of Transportation Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division to pull that off. It was truly unique!


We have seen some remarkable county courthouses along the Way, but this jewel in Pontiac, Ill set the standard for Victorian splendor. It has been lovingly and meticulously maintained and the local townsfolk are justifiably proud of it.


David Davis was appointed to the Supreme Court by his long-time friend, Abe Lincoln. His mansion and grounds in Bloomington, Ill are open to the public and are the pinnacle of style for the late Victorian period. The house contained all the latest “high tech” innovations of the time, including flush toilets, a personal sink in every bedroom, hot water heat throughout the house, gas lighting in all lights and chandeliers, and a recirculating air system for cooling in the summer. The kitchen had the most up-to-date combination oven/cookstove available, which allowed the cook to dispose of the coal ashes directly out the bottom to a collection bin in the basement! No mess, no fuss, no nasty coal dust in  this kitchen! We were amused by the placement of the servants quarters floor in the house, which was intentionally built three steps lower than the other rooms, to remind the staff of just where they ranked. They were, after all said Mrs Davis, “only Irish Catholics”.  😉


The hottest selling items in many bike shops these days are “battery-assisted” pedal bikes. I’m not sure if the actual intent is to make them look like “regular” pedal bikes, but it is difficult to tell with just a cursory glance. I’m pretty sure this combo with pedals and gas motor would stick out as a “not-your-normal-bicycle.” I thought it looked pretty cool, nonetheless.

Hoping for decent weather to do one more full day riding into Chicago. The route is primarily along hard-surfaced bike paths, so the traffic into the Windy City should not be an issue.

Nearing the End of the Mother Road.

Thanks for coming along.



One thought on “Illinois Countryside, Chicago Just Over the Horizon.”

  1. Chicago is ever nearer! I agree with Colin that you “need” that amazing bus/camper/motor coach! Well, I think it would be cool but never could you trade in that gem Bridget! She’s been great!

    That county seat is a beauty. I’m always surprised when we run into the county seats in this big old state of Texas! There are 254!! I had to google that as I had no idea. Of course this is the most of any State!

    I’ve already read ahead to the LAST blog but I wanted to comment on this one, as well. I cheated (so to speak). I saw this earlier but alas didn’t get to wish you a warm ride today! And I know how the day was!!

    Love you dear cousin!!
    Cindy Sue


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