Friends and Anniversaries

Dateline: Tulsa, OK. ; 13 March, 2019. There was no planning about it whatsoever, but the serendipity’s took control and all the pieces clicked into place.20190313_223812

Exactly 50 years ago on this date in Quantico, VA, two studly young men were minted into United States Marine Corps Officers. Second Lieutenant Ken Brust and Second Lieutenant John Conway, that had trained together and achieved this hard-won goal together, would lay claim to each other’s friendship for the succeeding half century. Those same two are sitting in the foreground of this picture, young no longer (the other descriptive adjective is up for debate). No amount of planning could have made it work out this perfectly, for us to be in such a wonderful setting; A marvelous dinner prepared by Ken’s family, a 50th Anniversary Cake prepared for the fast approaching 50th Wedding Anniversary (on 31 May) of Cathy and I, and all fit into the series of perfectly connected “coincidences”.  The bad weather, the unrideable roads, the unforeseen delays, all played their part in making this stroke of good fortune fall into place. Thank you, God, for all you do, in your often mischievous ways.

This will be a “stand alone” publication, as it has very little to do with the riding of Bike Route 66. But, to me, it’s very big deal.

Thanks for checking in.

10 thoughts on “Friends and Anniversaries”

    1. Where did the years go? Not sure if studly is right descriptive for today, but 50 yrs ago there was not a faster stud around who could match Lieutenant Conway on the challenging obstacle course! The guy was literally poetry in motion! Even I was in awe! But, he has beefed up some over the years and slowed down a tad while I remain, as always, his hero, skinnykenny😎
      Thnx for stopping in Tulsa for another round of mucho yuks. Semper Fi! Happy 50th Anniversary!

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  1. It was ALL meant to be! What a testimony to good friends, memories and LOVE!Enjoy the time in Oklahoma with them-you and Cathy deserve the celebrations!!


      1. AMAZING! Love the picture and the sentiment, 50 years of friendship! God had The whole thing carefully planned 50 years ago and knew you’d be on this crazy bike ride across the Mother Road.

        Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! So happy to be along for the ride!!

        Prayers and hugs and warmer temps coming your way!!

        Love you!

        Cindy Sue


  2. Johnny – A friendship of 50 years is a Very Big Deal! Some people never find a true friend. Congratulations.
    Love you,


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