Weather Conspiracy Strikes Again!

First it was the clocks conspiring to yank two hours out of what had been a perfectly satisfactory day schedule, then the thermometer joined in the pummeling and gave up all its above freezing digits, apparently to the anemometer, which wound itself UP to multi-digit numbers, and to add insult to injury, changed it’s primary wind direction to straight out of the EAST! And, no, Kenny Brust, I don’t have my USMC cap on while listing justifiable “issues” relative to why I didn’t ride my bike for a single mile today!


Primary mission of the day was to meet up with Jana and Michael Barnet, who drove all the way (four and a half hour drive!!) from Richardson,Tx (Dallas suburb) to grace us with their wonderful company. Jana has ridden many a mile with me on Ragbrai and Oklahoma Freewheel and we had hoped to add a few more miles today along the Mother Road. Our readers will be glad to know that BOTH OF US placed comfort above misery today and elected to TALK AND REMINISCE about past riding adventures, in lieu of adding to them. It was a real treat to have that conversation while consuming some rare Texas Prime Steak at the Mesquite Canyon Steak House in Shamrock, Tx. Thank you So Very Much Jana and Michael. Only down-note was finding out that Jana will not be able to join our Merry Band of the Talleyrand Bike Club on Ragbrai 2019. 😦

While name-dropping towns in Texas, how about the town (well, almost a town) of Conway, TX, exactly on Route 66. This little burg may have had some good days, but it looks like they’re all in its past. The one bright spot was finding their attempt at new fame in erecting their very own “Volkswagon Ranch” to emulate the much more famous “Cadillac Ranch” highlighted in yesterday’s blog. Nice try, little Conway.



The giant grain elevator showing on the horizon now functions only as a grave marker for a failed business since the railroad that once operated to take away the grain stored there is no longer running. Posing nicely is Colin CONWAY McClellen!



Shamrock, TX had some nice surprises in store for us. One of the most iconic structures to be found along The Mother Road is this Tower Conoco Station in the center crossroads of the town. Constructed in the 1930’s, it has been lovingly maintained by the townsfolk since it stopped functioning as a viable business in the 1970s. The art deco style, along with the use of excellent building materials (glazed, colored tile and stucco covered concrete) have allowed it to weather the years in style. 20190310_144312


The “U Drop In” cafe is all set up with period-correct decor and looks like it could start serving up 50 cent burgers and 10 cent cokes again any time.


Another of those “travel mysteries”: the parking lot of the just discussed historic Conoco station contains these six “charging stanchions” for charging up your Tesla automobile. SIX of them!! In really rural Texas?? We’ve seen maybe 2 of these cars in a month of driving across country. Like I said, a mystery.


A Blast From The Past: How many of you readers remember when we paid 34 cents per gallon of gas? Eight or nine times that amount now.

Hoping for more reasonable weather tomorrow to head on down the Road towards Oklahoma, “where the winds comes sweepin’ down the plain”. We’re just hoping it comes sweeping in the right direction.

Thanks for joining in with us.

6 thoughts on “Weather Conspiracy Strikes Again!”

  1. Glad Hair-Goddess and Michael were able to join you. Bummer on the weather. Guess it blew your usmc hat clear back to AZ! Hope to see your smiley faces soon but rain is in forecast so who knows. Maybe you should just hop in Bridget and zip on here for needed rest, replenishments and morale building!! Bike with a smile!!

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  2. I can’t believe the weather is not cooperating with you! Texas is so fickle this time of year.

    That’s great your friends drove a good long distance to hang out with you. Very nice. I’m surprised that I’ve never heard of Conway and Shamrock, TX! I guess I would need to be up in that neck of the woods to see the sign! But that’s so awesome.

    Great pictures on the Mother Road today! So many hidden treasures you’re discovering!

    Sending lots of warm hugs and some of that great weather we’ve had the past couple of days. Safe travels tomorrow and hope you’re back on the bike!

    Love you PFJ!
    Cindy Sue!


  3. FJ, FC and tribe,

    That wind on your back on Saturday sure did change to slap you in the face. Better batten down the hatches on Bridget as, yes, the winds will be sweeping down the plains! Then, again, wait an hour or two and the WX will change! Will have a fire in the fireplace and the good scotch out on the bar for when you get to OKC! Nos Vemos Pronto, Amigo(s)!


  4. We LOVED our short & sweet visit with our Iowa friends! Farmer John cycling Route 66 (not today) and Cathy driving Bridget inspires us all! Bridget the RV seemed very efficient, cute & cozy. We enjoyed chatting with Colin & Izzy-learning that Colin cooks & makes coffee. 👏🏻 Izzy shared some of her sketch books which displayed her creative talents👏🏻
    Such fun for us!
    Safe travels & thanks for taking us along on your adventures!


  5. I have been through Shamrock, Texas many times as a child. They use to have a dip in a rod there that we drove on and my Dad would drive a little faster to let us kids get a thrill as we went down then up.
    Thanks for bringing back fun memories.
    God Bless You All.
    Stay safe,
    Nancy Lou


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