Colin Underground in the Grand Canyon Caverns

We went to the Grand Canyon Caverns and got a guided tour. The original hole that was use was sealed off because there were two native Americans who had fallen down a few hundred years ago. The tribes wanted the resting place to be where they died so they were buried next to the original hole. the first chamber is called the bridal chamber and they have had about 6 weddings down there.chapel cave.jpg

People can reserve the cave for $900 a night for two people. Since there is no wifi or cable they have over 100 movies on DVD/BlueRay. There are many places where  was created by so much pressure and they can be over 150 ft high.

The Caverns have been declared a fallout shelter incase of nuclear warfare, and the military has stored much food and water down there. These canyons are not part of the Grand Canyon National Park but are privately owned. They had some fantastic pie at the cafe as a treat when Grandpa got there.


There are also places where rocks have formed into little snowball shaped blobs. that is why they call it snowball palace. Izzy and I really liked going to this attraction.



One thought on “Colin Underground in the Grand Canyon Caverns”

  1. Thanks for the great post Colin! That’s so interesting and utterly amazing at the same time! I can’t imagine spending the night down there!! It sounds like a great place to visit!


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