Special Edition! Izzy Conquers the Cone!


My Facebook Friends saw this post earlier today. We hadn’t actually decided we were going to climb to the top of the cone when we left the parking area 2 miles back. But on arriving there, Izzy felt the challenge and, totally on her own volition, decided it could be done and she could do it. Right there. Up that treacherous looking slope. To the top.


Somewhat concerned that she might not make it to the top and need to come back down again, I followed in her trace, and it was very dicey going. She stopped often to get a better foothold, and as the route steepened, to catch her breath.


This view gives a little better perspective of the slope and footing conditions .


AND!! Triumph! One proud little Iowa Girl, and a genuine Mighty Girl today. Hot, tired, and just a little scuffed up, but On The Top!


Proud Grampa. Happy Granddaughter. Life is GOOD on Route 66!


8 thoughts on “Special Edition! Izzy Conquers the Cone!”

  1. MIGHTY GIRL! Thatโ€™s just so amazing and exhilarating! This Route 66 trip is just so much better with those grandkids along!

    Hoping for smooth roads today!
    Prayers and hugs and so much love!

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