A Day of R and R At Jennifer and Ken’s

PFJ, PFC and accompanying minors arrived just at supper time (imagine that!) at the very pleasant home of Cousin Jennifer (#28 on the Conway Cousin List) and hubby Ken in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Bridget, the RV, was only too happy to have a complete day off, and parked contentedly at the curb. Jennifer prepared a wonderful meal for us and the added attraction was the visit by their daughter, Anna, their sweet 2 year old Amelia, and hubby, Saba to join us. It has been several years since I’ve enjoyed Anna’s and Amelia’s company, and our first meeting with Saba. The conversation was congenial, pleasant, and well punctuated with laughter. We all had real (and really comfy!) beds, and were totally content with everything.



Dear Anna is less than one week away from the birth of her baby, Abigail Jean. Cathy told Anna that this time EXACTLY 47 years ago she was feeling the same emotions awaiting the birth of our first baby, Sean.

Saturday’s activity list took us first to the ocean front for whale watching. This is the prime time for spotting migrating whales moving both north and south along the coast between the shore here and Catalina Island. It was very productive watching with multiple sightings of spouting whales of several species. Gray whales were most prominent today, and they were kept in close company by active pods of dolphins. Excitement rippled through the watchers at every shout of “There’s another one!” The tide being over halfway to “low tide” made it a good opportunity to check out the numerous “tide pools” along the coast close. This quickly turned into the most animated activity the kids have experienced since leaving home. Wading the rock-strewn surf to the very edge of the pools as the waves crashed ashore assured thoroughly wet kids and excitement galore, attended by squeals of delight as a rogue wave or two wet them to the top of their heads.  The sixty degree temps were considered “pretty cool” by the locals, but it’s the warmest these kids have been since last October.




Mass was at 5 at Jennifer and Ken’s local parish, St. John Fisher. A beautiful and fairly new (Dedicated October, 2013) church with a tremendous music program. We met the pastor who promptly “renewed” my Blessing for a safe and enjoyable ride on Route 66.

Tomorrow is The Day! We’ll be packing up Bridget, cleaning up the Trusty Trek, mounting up and headed off from Santa Monica Pier. Tally Ho!!

Stay tuned for more stories from the Mother Road.




6 thoughts on “A Day of R and R At Jennifer and Ken’s”

  1. I keep forgetting it’s two hours later out west so I was sound asleep by the time you sent this! It sounds like you had a wonderful day at the ocean with the added treat of whale watching! Looked like so much fun for all of you and especially the kids!

    Such great pictures from the beach and what a great picture of the whole family! That was a mini Conway Reunion of sorts!

    So Today is THE Day?! I’ll be headed to mass at 8:00 so I’ll say some extra special prayers for you, Cathy, Izzy, Colin and Bridget! Safe riding dearest cousin!

    Love, your #1 Fan!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jennifer son Jesse always says I’m America’s guest because I arrive at dinner! So you were well timed! Good job!
    Glad Anna got to show you her Cali home since 20 plus years ago you showed her yours!
    Safe travels Godfather! God Bless!
    Much love, Beth Ann

    Liked by 1 person

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