Faces from Home, Far From Home


What a super treat it was to find and visit with Allison Ockenfels Flathers in Irivine, CA this morning! This wonderful young lady had been one of our family’s closest neighbors, geographically and emotionally, since she was born. We enjoyed watching her grow up and developing into a fantastic young adult. And now she is the justifiably proud mommy of baby Robert and wife of Scott. Thank you for meeting us, Allison, and the lovely visit.


We were almost shocked with the intensity of the sunrise this morning at the KOA campground in North Palm Springs. We had planned on meeting with Allison and her baby in mid morning, so it was out to the Freeway early and off to Irvine with the bright rising sun. It was Bridget’s first real test with California-Grade Traffic. Happily (is “releavedly” a word?), the Test was successful.

Tough choices for where to spend the available time left in the day were winnowed down to two: The Aquarium of the Pacific or the BB61, Battleship Iowa. The vote favored the aquarium, so we vectored there via Google Maps. An empty slot at curbside next to the venue made available by some ongoing construction proved irresistible, and cheap! Sharks, rays, octopi, fishes, sea lions, harbor seals, and fishes of every description made it a hard place for the kids to leave. The jelly fish display was a real crowd pleaser.



Stop for the night is planned for cousin Jennifer’s house in Rancho Palos Verdes. Just a hint for fellow travelers, if Google asks you choice of routes that includes “scenic”, as well as “fastest” or “shortest”, avoid “scenic”. You can thank me later.

Will be sleeping in a real bed tonight, and starting to to get serious/ nervous about the riding task ahead.

Tomorrow’s blog will happily highlight our stay with Cousin Jennifer and family.

Thanks for coming along!




5 thoughts on “Faces from Home, Far From Home”

  1. Love your sense of adventure and added bonus of your partners in this trip. Stay safe and enjoy as your Iowa friends embark upon warnings of blizzard conditions for the weekend.


  2. Gorgeous pictures from the aquarium and of your sweet friend and baby. I’m sure your vote would have been to tour the great Battleship Iowa but were out voted! Ah well! I am so happy that your Bridget navigated the California Grade traffic with ease.

    Can’t wait to see pictures with Jennifer and the family! So glad you all get to sleep in a real bed tonight!

    As to your being “nervous” about the start of your ride, well……we know you’re going to do fabulous! In the meantime, we’ll keep the prayers and good vibes coming your way!!

    Love, your biggest fan!

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