SWUSA: APB: BOLO For Class C Motorhome, Iowa Plates, Dragging Midwest Cold and Snow Into The Entire Region. Approach with Caution!

OK, for those struggling with the Title: Southwest, United States of America, All Points Bulletin, Be On Look Out—————–

Hey! It could happen. It hasn’t snowed for 25 years in most of the places that we visited today. They were actually closing businesses in Yucca Valley, CA after receiving 5 to 6 inches of new snow. People were moving around as if expecting the End Times! Joshua Tree National Park personnel left the gates open, posted signs declaring SNOW AHEAD! and the Park Rangers skedaddled, saving us the $35 entry fee. These farmers aren’t scared off by a little snow. The below pic is a popular spot in the Park, known as “Skull Rock”, for obvious reasons.


Our day started out pleasantly enough in Buckskin Mountain State Park with mild temperatures after some light overnight rain. cactus garden

A nice shot by Izzy of the cactus garden within the State Park. We left from here to head for 29 Palms, CA. As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, Cathy and I spent the last year of my Marine Corps service here. We drove out to the base, which has increased in size by five fold since 1972. Security is much tighter also, as we discovered when told we needed an “on base” sponsor to be able to get a visitor pass. 😦  It took all the power of both our memory banks (and more than a little wandering around roads) to remember where the off-base housing was that we had lived in while we were there and waiting for the birth of our first child. We both laughed remembering that 47 years ago RIGHT NOW Cathy was thoroughly tired of being pregnant. Sean was born on the last day we were in the Corps, 28 February, 1972.


Having basically no money during that time period, many of our outings (free entertainment!) were in Joshua Tree National Monument (It wasn’t made a National Park until 1994, when its size was nearly doubled). We loved it then and the return trip today was made even more spectacular by this extremely rare snowfall. The effect really was lovely.



The entire desert, both the High Desert shown here and the Low Desert around Palm Springs, where we are staying tonight, is as green with new growth as is possible to be with all the recent moisture, both rain and snow.

Tomorrow it’s on to So Cal, and hoped-for connections with cousins and folks from home, along with visits to attractions that will appeal to Izzy and Colin.

Good to have you all along. As always, we appreciate the interest and the comments!



7 thoughts on “SWUSA: APB: BOLO For Class C Motorhome, Iowa Plates, Dragging Midwest Cold and Snow Into The Entire Region. Approach with Caution!”

    1. We keep thinking, could it really have been that long ago??? So much has happened, to us, and the world. I’m so happy you’re following along. It’s usually us trailing along with you and your adventures!


    It’s hilarious that the snow is following you or perhaps welcoming you on your trek across the country! That’s great you saved the park entry fee because the rangers left in fear of snow!

    The pictures are stunning! We’ve been to California many times but we’ve never been to Joshua Tree! It’s magnificent.

    Surely there will be no more snow today!! Happy to be on this adventure with you all! Continued prayers and hugs and love!!!

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