It’s all a Matter of Degrees

It was a case of very fortunate maintenance that insured the in-cabin furnace was working at peak performance before Bridget backed out of the farm shop in Iowa seven days ago and headed Herself west. That furnace has been running for a good share of each night that we have been on the road. It does a nice job of keeping the entire cabin warm, tho we are setting it a a fairly “low” setting to try to conserve the relatively small (8 gal capacity) supply of propane. Each night has vied for the rank of “coldest spot yet”, and we’re hoping that last night’s record of 1 degree in the Canyon Valley RV Park will be the nadir.


This Western Scrub Jay may think things are just hunky-dory in these temps, but our purpose was to leave this much snow and cold behind in Iowa. After a week on the road, doing laundry was a top priority, and that kept us in the cold environment for a couple of extra hours.

Tooling along on I 40 kept us very close to the Historic Route 66 that I will be pedaling east on through this part of the state. The Adventure Cycling Maps that direct my daily pedaling have rider safety as the first priority, so at times the route I’m on will not be precise route, but there were many sections we drove on today that will be on the route. It seemed to me that there were a LOT of long uphills 😦  20190220_160409

A MUCH warmer campsite for tonight at Buckskin Mountain State Park just outside Parker, AZ. All of our various thermometers registered from 57 to 60 degrees, much to our delight. This view is from the vantage point of trail overlook that Cathy and I hiked on after setting up camp. Again, much to our surprise for this time of year, all the “supported” sites, i.e. electricity and water were full at 4:30 when we drove in. We opted for a “dry camping” spot and will be running the on-board generator until “quiet hours” start. Bridget is the shorter looking rig left center here. Colin got a long-distance shot of us as we waved to him from this spot. Pretty good pic from 500 plus yards!


The recent rains and advancing calendar have brought spring to this high desert area. The flowers are always so brave looking in this harsh environment.



I found my own “pot of gold” on this pleasant little hike. I wouldn’t trade her for all the gold in all these mountains.


Tomorrow’s goal will get us back to “days gone by” territory for us, as we visit Twenty-Nine Palms, CA where we spent the last year of our USMC service and our son Sean was born on the very LAST day of that service in the Base Hospital there 47 years ago.

Thanks for coming along!




12 thoughts on “It’s all a Matter of Degrees”

  1. Hey PFG! Your blog is earlier tonight!
    Thank the Lord you’re out of the snow finally! Surely that’s the last of it. Last night sounds absolutely frigid! I’m sure you’ve got lots of warm blankets and you’re all hunkered down and comfy sleeping though. So glad today was a much warmer landing when you got to the campsite, even though the supported sites were all taken.

    Great pictures today! You sure did find your pot of gold in that lovely bride of yours! Safe travels onward to California! Prayers and hugs and lots of love!

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  2. Shoot, even with the snow we had last night we were warmer than you, though not by much! Tonight however, 50s and 60s are just a distant dream for us! ⛄️
    Enjoying your journey with you! Take care!

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  3. Oh good. I found you. I love that the kids are along with you. That should be an incredible experience for them. You and Cathy come up with such fun ideas. I look forward to following you on this adventure. Have fun and be safe.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for your FB post and link. This is the first time I have followed your blog. Not everyone has the fortitude to set out on such an adventure. Great pictures. Love to read the kids impression too.

    Liked by 1 person

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