The Incomparable Grand Canyon


It has probably been 20 years since Cathy and I visited this beyond-description location in the combined Indian lands of northern Arizona. Twenty years is a less than microscopic amount of time in this place that took almost two BILLION years to create. The in-the-moment delight of this particular visit was that this entire portion of the state is covered in a wonderfully picturesque layer of pristine snow. This is not totally unprecedented for this part of the world, but the amount and timing is certainly not the norm. The combination of the colors, space, family company, and clarity of air produced a feeling of near euphoria. It will certainly be difficult to ever recreate these conditions.




The kids were, shall we say, adequately impressed. Colin, in particular, exclaimed repeatedly “I didn’t know it could be so BIG!”. And when we went into the interpretive center with the display of the full length and breadth of the Canyon, he was blown away. Izzy was clicking away on her camera, but her pictures are for some reason in a format that I can’t retrieve. We have reviewed them and they are of excellent quality, but need “converting”. Colin’s working on it, is the best I can report for now.

Both Izzy and Colin are doing their own daily journaling. We wish they would add a little more of what they think about and feel regarding our wandering life. Maybe that will come with a little more time.

We shared the experience today with hundreds of tourists, the majority of whom were foreign speakers arriving in a multitude of tourist busses.  When you consider that this one National Park entertains more than five MILLION visitors each year, each day will see almost 15,000 sightseers, snow or no snow.

Our camp for tonight is Williams, AZ, solidly planted on the genuine, original Route 66. We briefly toured “downtown” and loved that it has retained its “Retro” look with many advertising signs kept in their original condition. I will have more time to feel the full flavor of this when we make the return trip on the bike at the end of March. We’re really counting on all this cold and snow being nothing more than a distant memory on that return leg.

Good to have you along! The comments feed my need for connection with all of you. Thanks especially for sending them.






12 thoughts on “The Incomparable Grand Canyon”

  1. Oh the Grand Canyon is truly magnificent! Mitch and I were there in 1977 on a trek to California. It was Summer and beastly hot! The pictures with the snow ars just gorgeous! The sky is so blue. Oh I know those kids will come around and share what they’re thinking the longer they’re on the road with Gramma and Grandpa. And I’m sure that Colin will figure out the format to get those pictures uploaded.

    We’re happy to be along on this adventure! You’re ever closer to Cali!

    Safe travels. Prayers and hugs! We Love You!


  2. How coincidental. We are in Cottonwood, AZ, but headed back to California today. A storm is heading this way tonight.
    Enjoying your adventures. See you soon.
    Jennifer and Ken


  3. We heard about Williams, AZ last night in our Route 66 presentation. Glad all is going well. Looking forward to seeing you on your two-wheel return trip! But for now, Westward Ho!! 🚐


  4. Thanks John for sharing your beautiful pictures and insight. It’s great to see life moving forward from our snowed in driveway.😉


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