Required Repairs and Monumental Views



Magnificent Monument Valley, Utah 


When Cathy and I returned home from the Southern Tier ride in 2017, we toured this incredibly beautiful area also. Having the kids along, we knew it was something that needed to be included in this trek also. The snow that has been following us preceded us to this site and made the views even more spectacular.

On the horizon for miles as we approached, the imposing “Shiprock”,  is the core of an extinct volcano that stands in stark contrast to all the other stone plateaus and buttes of the area.

  Visible for nearly 40 miles, this landmark lent its name to the town closest to it.


Another “Must Stop” was the “Four Corners Area”, where the surveyed borders of four western states coincide: Cathy in Colorado, John in New Mexico, Colin in Arizona, and Izzy in Utah. The site is on Navajo and Ute Indian Land and they jointly maintain the premises. During the busy months, there are many native vendors there selling their wares, but very few were present in the exceptionally cold weather we had today.


Izzy continues her studies in the Psychology Course from Bellin-Blank center in Iowa City. It’s a tough course and requires quite a lot of “nudging” from Gramma Cathy. Izzy is not accustomed to making her brain work that hard, but progress is being made.

Credit aplenty to Colin for helping produce this blog again. Incorporating media from three phones and two cameras is  beyond the ken of this old farmer.


The “Required Repairs” heading refers to getting the endemic low tire repaired while in Farmington, New Mexico. It was a perfect waiting place for Colin in The Big O Tire shop, where he could assemble/reassemble/disassemble (repeat!!!) the demonstration model for new disc brakes. Still not sure if the repairs are permanent, but the good news is that the tire pressure was good as we pulled into and secured in Gouldings RV Park at the very edge of Monument Valley. We watched the full moon rise above the Buttes of the National Monument. And with that view in your minds, good night to all. Thanks for your company.



7 thoughts on “Required Repairs and Monumental Views”

  1. The Blog arrived! I was just getting ready to head to bed and saw you had posted an update! Glad you have the “required repairs” taken care of. Colin is a smart one at the tire shop! Isn’t he the “welder” too? I recall him wanting to learn and pictures of him welding! And Izzie is really taking a difficult Psychology class! So smart. Keep up the good work girl!

    You’re really seeing such beautiful and amazing scenery. We love the pictures. They’re. stunning today!

    Glad you’re situated in a RV Park tonight. You’re ever closer heading West! Safe travels tomorrow! Love you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Seeing the full moon tonight, I cannot imagine what it looked like coming over the horizon where you are. Izzy and Colin are indeed lucky children (and the grands are fortunate also).


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