Snow in the Mountains, Snow on the Plains; New Mexicans love it, they call it “cold rains”.


The entire driving day was spent dodging in and out of some fairly intense snow squalls. At times the visibility was minimal.


As is evidenced here, there has been substantial snowfall in this northwestern part of the state. The locals are quite happy about that.




It’s not all “fun and games” for the kiddos. The Home School Regimen is in place and teacher/proctor/ enforcer Gramma Conway runs a tight ship. Not always to the enjoyment of the students.  😦 20190217_191527

On the other hand, meal times are happily looked forward to! It’s still in the “snapping in” stage with getting the camp set up/take down routine polished, but we’re getting there. Tomorrow’s destination is the Four Corners area, and the natural attractions provided by that part of the world. Time permitting, we will also find one of the incredible “slot canyons” and tour it. Grateful to have you all along.

Notes from Colin and Izzy will accompany tomorrow’s blog.




8 thoughts on “Snow in the Mountains, Snow on the Plains; New Mexicans love it, they call it “cold rains”.”

  1. Hooray! Just checking my email and SURPRISE, it’s your blog! Excited about tomorrow’s destination. We were at the Four Corners many moons ago in th heat of summer! Sure hoping you run out of the snow and cold!

    Keep up the good work Gramma with the enforcing of studies! No better teacher than a Pro!

    Love you all!

    Great pictures! We sure have a beautiful Country for exploring!!

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    1. I need a “Love” button to respond to your comments, Cindy Sue! We woke up this morning to several inches of pristine new snow covering all the campers here in Bluff View Campground, Farmington, NM. We saw precious little “farm” country coming in to this city. It would be interesting to know how it got its name. The furnace kicked on pretty frequently through the night, but the kids apparently stayed warm in their overhead bunk as we heard not a peep from them. Making coffee in the galley and watching the snow continue to float down. Thanks for being you!! 🙂

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    1. You are such a wonderful cheer leader, Nancy Lou! If you read the other comments, you will see that Cindy Sue is as faithful as they come to keeping up with our goings-on. On all of my Blogs going back to the Camino Santiago, she is there as faithful as the sunshine. She is one of my 51 first cousins on the Conway side of my family tree. So I’ve got a Nancy Lou and a Cindy Sue leading our cheering section! Life is Sweet!

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  2. Oh how I love your stories! I really enjoyed Colin’s comments & Izzys photos. I am also sharing /reading your blog to my grandkids.
    Jana B


      1. Making me shiver just reading your blog. Reminds me of the winter in Quantico camping in snow as new Lieutenants. Is it no wonder I became an air dale? Enjoy the journey and we’ll see you on your two-wheel return through Tulsa! Semper Fi

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  3. That’s only been 50 years ago! I’m surprised you can remember it! 🙂 Glad to have you aboard, Amigo! We drove either on or close to what will be the bike route as we navigated around Santa Fe. Looks like there’s going to be some slogging days!


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