Three Days on the Road

20190216_133056 Snow coming to meet us out of the San Juan mountains of New Mexico. Knock-you-off-your-feet winds all day, makes for 7.1 mpg out of Bridget’s power plant.  Planned route following NM64 sent packing by closure of said road due to snow piling up in the passes. On the bright side, we were glad that they closed it before we got into the bad weather. React, adapt, overcome-easy peasy, right? Tonight’s venue is a big change from our High Class Digs last night at the Air B n’ B of Bev and Russ Rutten in suburban Denver. Great to see Lauren, Marisa, Mike, and of course, the star of .the show (for a while!) Kaylee Clare. We presumed upon Mike’s all-things-computer-expertise to try to revive my laptop which has decided the end of its days has come. No luck, even with The Wizard applying all his skills. We can save the info on the hard drive when I get back home. In the meanwhile,  Colin has “allowed” me to share his machine to keep the Blog alive. Amazingly, even in the .snow in the middle of February, we hit multiple No Room For You in campgrounds here in far northwest New Mexico. Go figure. Today’s route gave Colin and Izzy their first ride through some real mountains. Here’s Colin with his first impressions:

During the ride through the rockies, the camper was constantly swaying back and forth along the winding road. Every time we went up a hill the camper went in to a lower gear and got a lot louder. There where a lot of areas where the trees looked like there was a big forest fire and they never recovered. In other places there were giant shear cliffs and tall piles of rocks at the bottom from rock slides. We followed a beautiful mountain stream all the way to the top. I was surprised that our first night camping was going to be in a Walmart parking lot.  🙂 i also experienced my first visit to a Starbucks.20190216_075748

Cold (22 degrees) and quiet in the Walmart parking lot in Espanola, well, except for the drag racing that continued across the lot until the wee hours, but other than that—-. For Brenna and Collette, the Home Schooling regimen is in place and the kids are doing their school work en route and here at the “campgrounds”.

Izzy, The Artist, snapped some pictures in the mountains and Colin will soon “school” us on how to get them here in the Blog. So far, he needs to be sitting right at my elbow to get the job done.  🙂 Using the high powered WiFi of the local Starbucks in Espanola to get this off to all you Loyal and Faithful followers. Thank you all for being there thinking of us and praying for us.IMG_3548.JPG


9 thoughts on “Three Days on the Road”

  1. We’ve been waiting for you to check in! So glad you’ve got Colin along so you can “borrow” his laptop! Great pictures from Izzy , too! Safe travels and lots of hugs and prayers for you all!!
    Love you!!!!

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    1. We’re so excited for Izzy and Colin. What an adventure for them! And, icing on the cake is spending top notch quality time with them. XOXO


  2. Glad to hear of your progress, & glad that you have built in enough flexibility to your schedule to adapt to the occasional snowflakes. Beautiful pictures, Izzy! You have a good eye. And Colin, we are all looking forward to your color commentary! Your readers, however, need to know what your first Starbucks order was… don’t leave us hanging! 😉 Happy trails!


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