D (for departure) Day, Minus 1


As essential as any mechanical function expected from Bridget (The RV!), Route 66 Pilgrims John and Cathy, along with Bike and RV receive a wonderfully appropriate Blessing from our incomparable Fr. Bill after weekday Mass at St. Joseph’s in Wellman this morning. Holy Water was liberally applied to Pilgrims and their conveyances, and we all felt the Holy Spirit “doing its thing”. The snow and gales of yesterday are in the proverbial rear view mirror, and final preparations and loading are in progress for the day.

Colin accompanied me for the final (hopefully!) trip to the RV supply store for at-the-last-minute-arrived parts for awning and window seals. As described in the tagline, he’s “The Fixer”, so we plan to keep him busy. 🙂  He’s required as part of his Home School Curriculum to add to this blog, so today will be his initial input.

From Colin: I went with grandpa today and we traveled over hazardous roads and went to Sun and Fun RV Supply. We picked up the awning, and some parts for the water heater and seals for the windows. I am really excited for the trip because I have never been away from home for so long.

And there you have it!!

My Amigo Felipe, (aka Phil Volker) former-Marine-record-blogger-cancer-fighting commando, always has a cool sign-off for his daily blogs. I’ll need to try to come up with one. 🙂

On the elevator from the hangar deck headed to the flight deck:

PFJ and Crew


12 thoughts on “D (for departure) Day, Minus 1”

  1. Colin, you have a big job ahead of you, keeping your grandpa out of trouble on such a long trip! Good luck with that! I hope you and Izzy have a great time! I look forward to reading your posts!

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