Justification for Getting outta Dodge!



The “winter of ’19” lulled us into thinking it was going to be easy-peasy. After an early snow blast in late November, the weather turned mild for a month and the kids were all playing outside in their shirtsleeves over the Christmas break from school. Temps were mild and the grass was green late into December. The old saw says “When the days begin to lengthen, the cold begins to strengthen”. There’s a promise in those old, oft repeated weather omens. Early in January, the first of what would be multiple winter offenses came roaring in. We saw the coldest temps in decades move in and just stay here. Snow events came in regular procession, punctuated with icy conditions that made travel hazardous most days. Our stalwart Mid Prairie School system has now had FOURTEEN snow days, which far eclipses the record for any year the system has been in existence. I woke up daily grateful that I didn’t have a feedlot full of cattle to care for!!

This Route 66 excursion has been in the planning since 2017, after completing the Southern Tier ride across America. We couldn’t have picked a better time to be heading out of the Midwest. Using parlance carried over from my USMC days “24 hours and a wake-up” til we’re headed west and south to sunny Santa Monica, Ca and the start of the Mother Road.

Glad to have you all along again, and stay tuned to this station.  The plan is to have most posts include contributions from Artist Izzy and Colin, the Fix It Man.

PFJ and Crew


19 thoughts on “Justification for Getting outta Dodge!”

  1. Hooray! So excited for you to get out of there and to hit the road! We’ll be following you every mile of the way! So proud of you and Cathy! I love that you two are such a great team. You’re going for the gusto and seizing the day and all that jazz! Can’t wait to see the artwork too!!!
    We Love You!

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  2. Sending you off with prayers for a safe, fun, incredible journey! I can’t wait to follow along your route as you venture along!


    1. So glad to have you along, Jacque! We’ll be doing a few “trial and error” posts in the next couple of days. The two “grands” that we have along have as part of their “home school curriculum” contributing their perceptions and observations as part of the blog. That should be “interesting”!! 😉


  3. Prayers for safe travels for all of you! Enjoy the journey!

    PS Did you remember to send an invitation to your blog to your buddy Cardinal Dolan?! 😉


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