Gratitude and Satisfaction

A perfect description of the emotions most experienced in these days after “The Ride”. Gratitude in abundance, for so much: for our safety over all these days and miles; for the support of our loving family and their continuing prayers, encouragement and acknowledgement; for the friends and family who followed us in mind and heart and blog posts; for the generosity of those along the way whose brief appearance in our journey added so much to the joy of the trek; for the incredible beauty of this land we are so blessed to live in and love. Grateful for the good health that allows both of us to accomplish a substantial physical challenge for a couple who both qualify for Medicare and get Senior Coffee at McDonald without even asking for it.

Satisfaction, in the completion of a dream that has had to wait for so many years to be undertaken. Satisfaction, that it could be accomplished without either significant bodily pain or emotional stress. Satisfaction, that our many years of happy married life prepared us to be each other’s best friend as we lived each day in the simplest of ways, completely content with the company of one another.

Our incomparable children and their wonderful spouses surprised us at Christmas with the announcement that when we arrived in San Diego, we would be treated to a night in the Hotel del Coronado. They have heard us talk for years of our early-days-of-marriage visits to this most beautiful and endearing vacation destination. Those early stories always ended in “Someday we’ll be able to afford to stay here.”  Someday finally came, and due to the generosity of our wonderful family, it didn’t cost us a thing.

Checking in to “The Del”, in the magnificent lobby with a lovely orchid gracing the entire room. 
Built in 1888, the Hotel del Coronado has set the standard for luxury for more than a hundred years. 

From check in to check out, we tried to savor all of the flavor that this elegant, historic, prestigious, and satisfying place had to offer. Walks along the beach,  the many and varied shops and boutiques, indoor and outdoor dining,  listening to music as the sun set; it was all wonderful and memorable.

Until next time, these memories will sustain us. 

One thought on “Gratitude and Satisfaction”

  1. Congratulation on an epic accomplishment!! I have really enjoyed reading along with your peddling. Very much enjoyed descriptions and photos of the various stops and have shared in your enjoyment of nature along the route. It went too fast; from my perspective! You are both such troopers and a joy to know. So enjoyed time last week with Aunt Marge and Beverly and am very much hoping to offer some congratulations in person when you come through Denver on your way back home. By the way, just so you know, Beverly did comment that every time you come through Denver, you are always on too much of a rush to get home – because of the cattle, says she!! So, please do all of us Denver folks a big favor and spend a few extra days. It would be my truest pleasure just to say hello to you both in person and give you a big hug!! What an accomplishment. What’s next???? I’m almost afraid to hear the answer…lol

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