And Then There Were None

Shoving off from Alpine for the Last Day! A chilly start. 

The amazing thing to me (us) was, how fast it all went! And it was never boring. Or particularly tiring. Or stressful. It was wonderful! I am so grateful that I took the time and effort to put these daily missives together, as they will become the “memory joggers” of all that took place. The places we’ve seen and the things we’ve done. Our book of memories.

The final day’s ride was planned with no midway stop, as it was only 34 miles on the Adventure Cycling Map. Falling into the “it’s my own fault” category was the fact I haven’t been checking the addendum posted by ACA. If I had, I probably would have seen the notice about a section of today’s ride affected by a road detour and a trail closing. When confronted with these issues, I relied on other bikers along the way for directions. Most were not familiar with the route beyond the area they lived/biked in, and were more interested in giving me their opinions about which really was “the best way” to get where I wanted to go. Without going into more elaboration, let’s just say that advice took me to a lot of places I didn’t really want to go and left me pretty much completely lost. I had to stop and charge my phone up (another oversight due to expectations of a short day). When I had enough power, I Google Mapped my “find me” location and directed it to “find Cathy”.  Technology, friend or foe, depending on the conditions. Today, it was my beacon to Dog Beach, where the San Diego river empties into the Pacific Ocean. What’s another 12 miles after 3200 of them? Cathy had been getting concerned about my situation, but texting got that resolved and she was waiting, patiently as always, along the final leg of the bike path that followed the river to the sea. We walked the final 100 yards over the sandy beach to the surf and the front tire of my trusty bike tasted the salt of the great Pacific Ocean. I can’t say that I expressed any great feeling of emotion for finishing the ride. It was more like the end of another chapter in a book that isn’t complete yet.

This is the most fitting photo for the end as this has been a Team Effort from the gitgo!
From Atlantic. To Pacific. By Bike. Check. 

It has  been so wonderful having all you friends along! I could feel your presence, and so appreciated your prayers and good wishes.

Til next time   🙂





9 thoughts on “And Then There Were None”

  1. Love!Love your adventure and observations along the southern tier. You and Cathy have inspired all of us! Enjoy your trip back to Iowa and if you need a reststop in north Texas our door is open!

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  2. We are planning a party for you and Cathy on the 8th of April at our house. Inviting some biker friends and others. We will be ready for the stories.

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  3. What an incredible journey it’s been riding along with you from east to west and in between! So glad you’re finished and you and your Cathy can journey on together the rest of the way! Hugs and love and prayers until next time!

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