Random Observations from the Bike Seat, edition 6.

I haven’t posted one of these in a while, and spending 6 hours or so on the bike every day gives plenty of time for those observations.

After nearly 3000 miles, I can safely assert that if all the debris that is laying actually ON the shoulder of the road were collected, it would fill 10 semi dump trucks. NO estimate as to how many trucks it would take to collect the debris and trash in the roadside ditches. The single biggest item by weight and volume would be tires and parts of tires, the spawning grounds for bicycle flat tires.

The laws of probability are called “laws” because they can be demonstrated and proven. They don’t all work out here on the road, however. I can ride for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes and not meet an oncoming vehicle. As soon as I see one, I pull clear to the right, as far as I can, because the upset laws of probability will  put a passing vehicle right next to me at the  EXACT same moment that oncoming vehicle is in the opposite lane. WAY more often than those laws of probability say that it should happen.

Samey, same thing for where ever it is I have to go pee. In the precise “middle of nowhere” with hours of vehicle-less riding ; pull off the road and BINGO! here comes the traffic.

The “top of the line” 40-50 foot motor homes pulling a Lexus (or equivalent) will be displaying either a Hillary or Obama sticker. A 25-35 foot goose neck camper being towed by a big ol’ Chevy Dually  will be displaying a Trump sticker. A Jeep towing bicycles or kayaks generally goes Hillary, but not as consistently as the Super Rigs. A high riding 4 wheel drive towing any manner of off-road ATV is a slam dunk for Trump bumper papers. Trucks/SUV’s pulling fishing boats are really ambivalent, no real preference either way.

Professional truck drivers are better at giving me my “safe space” than almost any RV rig. A car with a single female in it is the worst. They seem to think that center line has fatal high voltage in it if they cross over to the other lane to pass a bicycle on the shoulder.

A single motorcycle rider is much more likely to give me a wave than a pack of them.

In the desert, there is very little wind in the morning hours, but will always pick up by 2 pm. And it will be in your face. Doesn’t matter which way you’re riding. It’s part of the ride and the ride is good.

5 thoughts on “Random Observations from the Bike Seat, edition 6.”

  1. Enjoyed reading your road observations. Bet I coulda passed a test on the political bumper stickers and hope I don’t fall under the group that steers clear of the middle line🙄

    Continued prayers to the Conway’s on your approach to the left coast.

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  2. Great catching up on theee blogs tonight! Loved the pictures on the others. Stay safe cousin. Lots of prayers and hugs for you both!!!! Love you!!!

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  3. The high desert where I live has similarly predictable wind. Quiet in early morning and increasing as the day progresses. Usually from the west unless ‘weather’ is passing through. Then it changes direction with the storm’s progress. Can you tell that I’ve spent a fair amount of time outdoors? Weed abatement regs have me working with hoe and sprayer for a couple of months each year clearing a 200-foot perimeter–just short of 2 acres. Deadline of April 1. Growing season may continue past that depending on moisture.

    And I give cyclists a lot of space — including motorcycles. I used a bicycle for transportation in the LA area many years ago and remember the hazards.

    I still occasionally rescue road trash. Another version of ‘dumpster diving.’ In my area many consider any open space their personal dump site. Some of what I’ve retrieved got donated to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

    Enjoying your posts. Thanks for taking us along.

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  4. Just jumped back on to catch up reading your adventures. I was in Iowa for a week working/helping my brother. I particularly enjoyed reading the political bumper sticker breakdown/analysis. I don’t see many stickers of either variety here in the City – maybe for fear of retaliation.

    So glad you are enjoying the majesty of the Wild West. As many decades as I have lived here, I never tire of the splendid scenery.

    Safe travels- keep the wheels headed West.

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