Experiencing the last of Arizona

Day Two of the Resumed Ride, and it almost does feel like starting over from a physical point of view anyway. I was pleased that yesterday’s 80 miler didn’t have any after effects following an excellent night’s sleep. I was zonked out quite a while before Cathy finished up her evening reading and was still “out of it” when she got up this morning. She pleasantly asked if I was planning on sleeping all day  🙂  Back in the groove as well with the light morning breakfast of fruit, mini-wheats, Grape Nuts, milk and coffee. That’s worked well so far so see no reason to change it now.

About mid-morning I passed over (for the umpteenth time) the Arizona Project Canal. It is most assuredly the artery that keeps the Arizona heart pumping. I want to research the history and development of this engineering and political marvel and also track down its innumerable capillaries. I also don’t know how its hundreds of miles are policed to prevent intentional or otherwise pollutants from creating havoc among the millions of people who totally depend on it.

Clear, clean and plentiful. What if it stopped flowing???

It was relatively easy to select Quartzsite as our mid day stop, since there were so few alternatives. I had completed 15 miles of Interstate 10 riding by this point and it feels good to get away from the roar of the traffic for a while at least. As always, I feel no more nervousness riding there than anywhere else along the route. The trickiest spots are always at the exit and entrance ramps when I have to cross each of them to regain my position at the far right of the shoulder. The rule is, the least amount of time on the ramp, the better. That equates to crossing them at as much of a 90 degree angle as I can ride. And the old Marine Corps admonition of “put your head on a swivel” certainly applies here as I check multiple times to see if anyone/thing is coming off the exit/entrance before I make my dash across. I take no chances, and if I need to come to a complete stop to let everything pass, that’s what I do.

Every known “fast food” place in the US has an eatery at this spot as it really is smack dab in the middle of nowhere. We still were able to zero in on a little local restaurant, “The Times 3” not far from the exit. We can usually tell pretty quickly if we’ve selected wisely as the number of local vehicles had the parking lot about full. It was worth the little wait to get a table and we enjoyed an unhurried lunch as we planned for the evening camp. Everything Cathy does is important in her support role, but this final duty of finding and securing us a campsite at a ride-able distance for me and then relaying the location to me is paramount. The weather has become so hot that we have ruled out the primitive sites sans electricity. I am certainly “heated up” by the time I’ve completed the daily ride and depend on the plug in sites to get the AC in STella up to speed and cooled down. Shower availability is also on the “must have” list, as 90 degree plus riding makes for a really sweat soaked biker.

The last town in Arizona before the California border is Ehrenberg, and she found a lovely RV park there right on the Colorado River. The river is the border between these two great states, and it provided us with excellent viewing as the sun was setting on this first full day of Spring. Enjoy the view, as we certainly did.

We had not expected it to be so big, so fast, and so clean!


Certainly a milestone day tomorrow as we ride into the the last of the Southern Tier States, the Golden State of California.

Check in on us again then as we head up the last of the big hills. Big enough that it’s going to take two more days of hard riding to get over them.

Stay tuned! And, as always, thanks for the prayers. We use up quite a few of them everyday. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Experiencing the last of Arizona”

  1. What great pictures! Another great journal you sleepy head!!!! Love riding along with you and Cathy! She’s amazing with all the work she does to assure you’ve got a place to camp overnight. Thank goodness for the a.c. It’s definitely heating up as you go west! Continued hugs and lots of prayers for the both of you! Love you!

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