Back on the Bike, Again.


It was a pleasant send-off from the Brophy/Greiner “compound”, and within a few miles of there, I was back on the Southern Tier official route. Today’s planned route is pretty much straight, and a steady grade uphill as the mountains in the far distance beckon/threaten. It was an ideal road to get “back in the groove” with, as the surface was mostly good and the riding shoulder amply wide for riding comfort. The only draw back was the traffic, as this route is heavily traveled by people and commerce headed to Las Vegas. We had set Wickenburg as the lunch stop, but the conditions were so good that I was there earlier than we wanted to eat lunch. Twenty-six miles down the road was Aquila, and that looked like a good alternative. The desert flowers are still delighting us, and Cathy wants to create a photo folder of all the different species we have seen, so I’ve been directed to stop and take pix of any new ones. A pleasant assignment, and one I”m glad to do.

This is the first time I have seen this purple flower. We need a book!! 

We have both been amused at the lengths bureaucracies will go to fulfill their self-defined goals. I can understand why there is so much stress on the job when you have to decide if a micro-wave tower or a cell-phone tower is the most visually polluting, and then camouflage the offending one.   🙂


It was “pay-back” time for those lazy days in Sun City, so the tab was partially paid by an 80 mile ride to Salome. Things are pretty quiet here, and that’s ok.

There was a Vacancy, but we opted to wait for the end of the ride and stay at the Hotel del Coronado. It IS a mighty fine specimen of saguaro!


Thanks for rejoining this Trek West.


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