Desert camping and frontier justice

As the biker mentioned in the previous post, since I’m not pedaling, I have more options for activities during the day. We’ve had some good days!

Seminole Canyon State Park was a delightful desert site. Since it is a new moon there was no light other than the brilliant stars after the sun went down, and you would be amazed at the sheer number of stars that can be seen with no city lights around. It was spectacular. The next morning I did get to indulge in my favorite hobby and spent time leisurely “birding.” Three new species for my life list–whoo hoo!! The desert holds an amazing variety and abundance of birds. But if I lived here, I think I would soon develop an intense dislike of prickly pear!

Only a few miles down the road I came to Langtry, where the legendary Judge Roy Bean dispensed law “west of the Pecos”. I was amazed at the visitor center Texas has put here, a well-done museum, and it includes the actual saloon from Bean’s time. It was also beautifully landscaped with a desert botanical garden. And, the staff inside were incredibly helpful in planning our upcoming detour to Big Bend National Park and all the things we need to do and see there. They even let me use their phone (since I had no cell signal) to call ahead and make a camping reservation.

We are evidently here at the right time to see many of the desert plants blooming. I can’t help but show a few more…The first one is ocotilla just about to burst into bloom, a plant which we remember (not necessarily fondly) from our days at 29 Palms before Sean was born.

Just a few more photos to share–the tomato plants are on sale outside the hardware stores. And here are some corn-on-the-cob holders like we don’t have in Iowa.

That’s all for now–have a great day!

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