Family Reunion, Reload

A reluctant/hug fortified farewell from Jennifer/Jared after coffee in the country. They treated us so well, and made it all the more imperative that the plans go forward for the big Clare Reunion. Thanks, Connor family.

It had been part of the plan from the onset that we would meet with Aunt Mary Compton when we got to this part of the ride. So, no bike riding today. Mary is the older sister of Cathy’s Mom, Lois, and wife of the late Col. John Compton. She will be 96 in April! She has been a guiding light for all of the extended family for ages. Sadly, Mary had a falling accident just a few days ago and broke her right arm just about the wrist. She had been moved from the hospital to her assisted living home yesterday, and felt that she was up to the visit. We were thrilled! The road traffic around Austin and San Antonio is pretty intense, but STella was up to the challenge and we drove into the very nice grounds of the Air Force Retirement Village (now renamed Blue Skies of Texas). Mary was as thrilled to see us as we were to see her. We spent several hours of quality visiting and enjoyed a nice lunch from the cafeteria. Mary so enjoyed going over the “Down on the Farm 2016” picture book Cathy had prepared. She loved catching up on all the grandkids.

Cathy and Dear Aunt Mary: Lots of Love shared here. 

All three of us were holding back tears as we left her apartment. She is truly so dear to us.

We got STella all revved up again and dove into the traffic stream with Naggy Maggie doing the play by play headed for Cousin Cindy Sue Williams and hubby Mitch. “From the left two lanes, stay left at the fork, then right at the fork, and use the right two lanes to merge onto Interstate 410, State Road 281, and GoToHell Road”. Just love driving in this. 😦

Sweet Cindy Sue was all ready for our arrival, with a place to park STella, and super Conway style hugs aplenty. Their pretty condo was very welcoming, with the fixings for tonight’s supper all arranged on the kitchen counter. It’s so comfortable and easy to catch up on old times with this beautiful cousin. I have had much too little contact with Cindy’s daughter, Hannah, and had never had the pleasure of meeting sweet little 2 year old Grace Elanor. All that changed today. Entertainment by Grace was spontaneous and delightful.




Tomorrow we will be heading back north to get back on the route, in the hill country of Texas. In a few days we’ll be in the far western parts of the state, and anticipate that the WiFi will be in short supply, so these posts might not be coming regularly.

All’s well on the Southern Tier

Visitors always welcome.


3 thoughts on “Family Reunion, Reload”

  1. What a delight having you and Cathy here. Johnny Ray is my favorite cousin and he knows it. Besides, he and Cathy are our first out of town guests to spend the night and the pleasure was all ours! If only we had more time! Safe travels cousin! Prayers and hugs galore! We’ll get married re in the morning before you and Cathy head out in STElla! ❤

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