Family Reunion in Texas

Feb 22, (RD21)  (AFHD43)

A cloudless and very cool morning leaving Beuscher State Park. We spent a significant amount of time map planning, knowing that I can only ride a part of the prescribed route before angling off to head toward cousin Jennifer Compton Connor’s home east of Buda, Tx. Being accustomed to the east/west grids of the midwest does no good in these parts. As always, the mid point rendezvous was determined, and then we would reassess based on miles to go and time to get there.

A few miles out of the town of Bastrop, I saw this new football stadium. It was for the local high school. It was larger and more imposing than MOST of the small colleges in Iowa. Texas does indeed take football seriously!

Yes, that IS a two story enclosed press box. And a score board with all the bells and whistles, and fireworks too, I’m guessing. 

The cool morning (44 degrees) disappeared rapidly and it was mid 80’s when we reached the meeting point within 20 miles of Jennifer’s home. One of the favorite stories that Cathy and I recall from an early trip we took with the kids through Appalachia involved me asking directions to someplace after stopping at a rural store in Tennessee. I was informed “You cain’t git thar from here”. It was a little like that trying to bike to Jennifer’s house. They do live “out in the country”. I was forced to abandon the highway I was on due to disappearance of the rideable shoulder. GPS sorta knew where I was, but was unsure which way to send me, thus the travel in all four cardinal directions. Hey, it’s an adventure, right? Perseverance wins if stamina prevails.


It was such a pleasure to see Jennifer again, an all too rare an event.   Jennifer’s parents, Tom and Patsy Compton also came to go with us to eat out. They are so delightful!


Jay and Joyce Culbertson and their boys, Cooper and Spencer, met us at a fine Mexican Restaurant, Garcia’s of San Marcos. This young family is so much fun! We all talked about planning the next Clare Reunion in 2018 and how much we will enjoy the family getting together. It was a wonderful evening meal together.


Tomorrow it’s off to San Antonio to visit Aunt Mary Compton and cousins Cindy Sue and Mitch. It will be just the second “No bike riding day” since starting on 1 Feb.

No matter where we are, the best thing is being with Family.

Prayers always appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Family Reunion in Texas”

  1. John, those hills will make you tough!!! Ha ha ha!! I love your and Cathy’s outlook on life! It’s inspiring. I have enjoyed the pictures with your blogs. You both are in my prayers.

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  2. “Perseverance wins if stamina prevails.” May I quote you?

    Reading backwards from your LBJ Ranch visit, hoping for more simple country roads and less grapevine triple-deck highways🚵🏼‍♀️

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