Not exactly “Sitting on a dock of the bay”, but grooving to the old music anyway.

Feb 20, (RD 20) (AFHD 41)

Navasota, Tx. We are comfortably sipping coffee here in the Classic Rock Coffee shop with one eye on the weather outside and the other on the weather radar. The good news is, they have “lightning fast” wifi here, so the promised pix have been inserted in the pix-less posts of yesterday.

It looks like the Gulf of Mexico has had the “on” tap turned on and forgotten. Railroad City, USA is keeping up to its moniker as the trains keep rumbling through on their way somewhere. As is mostly true everywhere in the USA, they don’t stop here anymore and the abandoned businesses along the tracks are mute testimony to those changing times.

It’s a good time to try to catch up on emails and news from home. We are anxious to keep heading west though to our much-anticipated family reunions with Aunt Mary Compton and her kids and grandkids. According to Mary Anne, we really don’t get out of “Nowhere, Tx” until we get to Austin  🙂

Cathy is taking advantage  of the stop to do some “window shopping” and perusing the antique malls and second hand shops, a very pleasant diversion for her. Finding something “really neat” to buy is a happy treat.

I think I’ll send this along, with plans on updating it after the weather uncertainty has become less uncertain.

Thanks to all for riding along!



One thought on “Not exactly “Sitting on a dock of the bay”, but grooving to the old music anyway.”

  1. Just got caught up with your biking blog. Such great experiences you and Cathy are having. I’m enjoying the ride along with you both. It is sad that some people HATE bikers. Please be careful.

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