Hiways on legs, and going back to the trail.

Feb 14, (RD13) (AFHD35)

An unhurried departure from our pleasant KOA this morning as we didn’t look forward to fighting the morning rush hour traffic of metropolitan New Orleans. We planned to drive back the way we had come and reconnect to the ST route where the I55 crosses under it. It was a warm but overcast morning and our exit from The Crescent City was smooth and uneventful, tho full of twists and turns as Naggy Maggie guided us around real or computer imagined road impediments. Within a few miles of the city, our interstate route rose up on stilts and stayed there for the next 20 miles. On our way in, we had crossed Lake Ponchartrain and were again on concrete stilts above the water for almost 23 miles. The cost per mile of construction here must be astronomical.


The ST route connection was in the quaint, old, Cajun influenced little town of Tangipahoa, LA. As is our preference, we sought out a local restaurant in the older part of town for lunch before restarting the bike ride. Our selection of “Pauls Good Eats Cafe” was just right. In addition to the great service and good chow, they had elected to honor a home town boy recepient of the Medal of Honor prominently on the wall of the dining room. It was very classy. Sadly, the Hero just recently passed away. He just happened to be a Marine of Viet Nam era who served his time there in 1970, my year overseas. Coincidences, coincidences! Even though Jennifer de la Riva says there aren’t any such thing.

Good lunch, back on the bike and back on the route. Quick systems check finds all systems are “Go” for launch, which comes as a pleasant surprise anytime I’m off the bike for 24 hours or more. Today is the 13th day of riding, and I’m totally tickled that “nothing hurts”! Another pleasant surprise as the ride started today in a new county, and the road surfaces were wonderfully free of the super gravel aggregate I had fought the day before yesterday. But, the best thing of all was finding CLEARLY MARKED INTERSECTIONS!

Hard to believe how such a small thing can be so huge out (down?) here. And except for one road section of about 11 miles, the traffic was minimal and unhurried. Getting a late start meant that 50 miles was going to be it for today.

It is definitely spring in Louisiana, with lots of blooming things and lawn mowers running all over the place. I stopped to shoot this lovely outdoor bouquet just before reconnecting with Cathy at the end of the ride. Enjoy. I did.


It is difficult to find camping spots this far into rural Lousiana, and exhausting our search in the usual likely places (city parks, church parking lots, and no Walmarts for miles), we spied a spot just off the road on tomorrow’s route. There is “primitive” camping, and there is “wild” camping. We’re camping on the wild side tonight under the cleared-through-the-forest right of way under some high voltage lines.


No electricity and no wifi, so the blog gets put on hold until tomorrow, or whenever.

My Valentine and I wish you all a Pleasant and Gentle, Good Night.

2 thoughts on “Hiways on legs, and going back to the trail.”

  1. Indeed, there are no mere coincidences. There are however, events/meetings/occurrences that were “meant to be”, divine intervention, etc… The stars were aligned 💫

    That’s how I like to believe/live anyway ☺️

    Curious about the length of your RV, 25′?

    Liked by 1 person

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