Random Observations,4th edition

Feb 12, (RD12)  (AFHD32)

Folks back home take heart!  The robins down here are already gathering in large flocks for their return to our great Midwest! They’re “chowing down” everything they can get their beaks on to power up for the long flight north.

The State of Mississippi uses the highest ratio of (large!) gravel to asphalt of any place I’ve ever been for their road surfaces. The average tire life must be really short around here if you spend much time on state roads.

So glad I paid the “extra” for the abrasion resistant bike tires!

There has been no sign of “mud” anywhere I’ve seen in the last 500 miles, yet most pickup trucks have the most humongous, deep tread, wide body tires I’ve ever seen, or heard! Maybe it’s for running around on sand dunes, I don’t know. The good news is, you can hear them for a mile when they’re coming up behind you. The bad news is, there are more pickups than cars on the roads.

There ARE fire ants in Mississippi. And I know what their bites feel like.

I’ve talked before about the crazy “system” of rural roads. Here are the “rules” as far as I can tell: There are NO numbered roads in the country. All roads are named after somebody. The road name can and will change without notice. And if you assume “Will E. Lee” road is the same as “Willy Lee Road”, you will be wrong. And it will cost you miles!! Yes, I do know that to be a fact.

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