Random Observations

More random observations, 8 Feb

I wonder what the large outside billboard industry did BEFORE it became legal for lawyers to advertise. “If you’re in pain, we can make them pay”. Yep, an actual billboard. And there are more of them, per mile, than used car sales. Next in number would be RV sales and repair. But don’t bother calling them unless you can wait three weeks.

A town of 150 people will claim its “city limits” three miles before the single stoplight that indicates the center of town. There will also be at least three, and maybe more, fundamentalist churches advertising in that stretch.

It is preferrable to deal with a disagreeable dog, than its even more disagreeable owner.

You are much more likely to see “collard greens”, or “mustard greens” as a salad ingredient choice than “kale”. I do so like this!

It is much more likely to find a group of retired old men sitting around drinking coffee in a McDonalds than a group of similarly aged women.

One of the Gaelic derivations of the name Conway is  Connmach “head smashing.” Wish I could have found out WHO’s head get smashed, mine or someone else?  🙂

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