DeFuniak Springs, Feb. 7

FC here. I keep receiving requests from a certain biker to add notes to this blog, but I have been resisting. “It’s your blog, and people want to hear from you, not me!” I say. Nevertheless, here I am, in the DeFuniak Public Library blogging away. This is the oldest building in Florida continuously serving as a library, located on the bank of the second most perfectly circular lake in the world (they tell me), DeFuniak Springs. I must admit that is really is charming! The  one and a third mile long street circling the lake is lined with examples of old Florida architecture, and delightful to walk. I also passed the eighth largest magnolia tree in Florida, at least according to the sign. And the bird I saw most of along the way? Bluebirds! I guess they are snowbirds, too.

While I’m on this page, I’m going to add some photos of the camellias we saw Sunday at the Alfred B. Macklay State Park in Tallahassee. He planted and hybridized hundreds of them, and they were in full bloom. Now I understand why camellias are so well-liked in the south! I’d never seen on in bloom before. They were spectacular!

Today is our daughter Brenna’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Brenna! And if you see Fiona, tell her I mailed her card today, and I hope it gets there in time for her birthday on Saturday.

And how clear was the water in the Ponce DeLeon State Park Springs?  Well, to give you an idea, at the spring down the road a few miles it was this clear…..


Bye for now!


4 thoughts on “DeFuniak Springs, Feb. 7”

  1. Love hearing from you, too, dear mama! Miss you tons. Glad you called this morning – my birthday is just not the same without you singing to me!!


  2. Reblogged this on STUDIO MYAKKA and commented:
    Defuniak Springs in Walton County is a traditional Florida town built on the railroad. The town is built around a round lake and has a great collection of historic Florida architecture including Cracker, Plantation and some Victorian structures.


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