Addendum to Feb 4


There is not much of note in Greenville, Fl., but these pix of a very nice and well-kept bronze statue show who the folks of this sleepy little town hold in highest esteem. Yes, it’s the place where a young Ray Charles was born and spent the first years of his life. He left it blind and totally alone at the innocent age of 15. Where there’s spirit and will, there’s a way. Thanks for the memories, Ray.

No pictures of this next anecdote. While leaving Greenville, I was overtaken by a funeral procession. I steered off the road and, removing my helmet, stood by my bike and waited for it to pass. Whoever was being laid to rest had many friends, family and admirers, as it was a long cortege. Only one vehicle in the oncoming lane of traffic on the two lane road pulled over to wait for the procession to pass by, as most of us would at home. When the cars had passed by, I noted that the one vehicle, a pickup truck, had the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor emblem of the USMC in the front liscense plate holder. I snapped him a salute as he went by me. Respect.

Random observations from rural Florida. All the mailboxes in the country are facing AWAY from the road. Since the roadsides apparently never get muddy (or snow filled 🙂 }, the mail men can drive completely off the roadway and put the mail in the boxes!

I’ve seen 50 American flags flying in yards to every 1 “Stars and Bars” Confederate flag. Very happy to see this, by the way.

HORRIBLE signage by all levels of government for road markings! As in, there just ISN’T ANY. We are apparently so spoiled at home when even the county gravel roads are all well and frequently marked. You only have to drive a mile or so to pinpoint where you are.  There may be a clamped on sign at a stop sign cross roads, with the words written parallel to your direction of travel, if you’re lucky.

Catholic churches are few and far between. Related note, there is apparently an unlimited number and variety of Protestant churches. I’m intrigued by the ones that identify themselves as “Primitive”.

From a very nice public library in Mariana, Fl, and again operating on Central Time, Thanks for the prayers and coming along.







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