We’re Outta Here and Headed South!


It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s miserable! I want to go South, She said. So it’s time to actually put the rubber on the road and get this long-delayed cross-country journey underway. First night destination, Aunt Margie Sweeney, St. Louis. Thrilled to have Diane, Jared and Kelsey Everitt join us for a wonderful meal and priceless conversation.

Wednesday on south with final destination Montgomery, AL. Passed thru the Home Town of Superman, Metropolis, IL. He graciously allowed us a photo op. Something very familiar about his face, but couldn’t put my finger on it.

Everybody’s read about “The Villages” of Florida. Reading will never give the Big Picture. We were graciously welcomed by Jerry and Robbey Brust in their lovely home located on the banks of a bird-heaven wetland preserve (we called it a “swamp”, but that’s not cool). Loved having personal guides showing us all (ok, no way to show ALL) of this living Paradise. There are 114,000 easy-going “seniors” in 56 Villages with more fun stuff to do than anybody could envision. Example, on ANY  night of the year, in 4 different venues, there is LIVE music and entertainment. And, they play all the GOOD MUSIC. Thus, on an early January night, there is music and dancing for wide-eyed visiting farmers.

The bronze herd of wandering cattle and the cowboy attending them are there solely for the purpose of reminding Midwest visiting farmers just how far from home there are.





4 thoughts on “We’re Outta Here and Headed South!”

  1. I’ve been anxiously awaiting for the next post in your blog! Pretty exciting you’re headed to your “official” dipping of the wheel in the blue waters of St. Augustine (we’ve been there and it’s so beautiful)! I’m sorta jealous of The Villages! It sounds like more fun than should be allowed for us old folks! Dancing every night and good music? I’m in!!!

    Sure hope you and Cathy get to relax and enjoy the beach for a bit before you saddle up!

    Safe travels! Hugs and lots of love,
    Cindy Sue


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