First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters, in the end”. So good, only wish I had thought of it first.

26 thoughts on “First blog post”

  1. Best of luck to you and Cathy on your adventure. I will look forward to your posts and ride vicariously with you! i will always remember your warm and welcoming hospitality during my adventure crossing the country – sorry that your route doesn’t take you through NC!

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    1. I am enjoying your adventure, sorry we sent some of our snow with you, couldn’t let you forget all this beautiful white scenery. Can’t wait to read all about your great time
      Stay safe, will send out a prayer every day , to your great family !


  2. Farmer ……. what a man …….. still the Devil Dog! Don’t know if the Southern Tier is ready for you. Be nice to them, not that you aren’t always! Are you going through OKIE land? If so I would be honored to ride a mile with you. Hubie


  3. Wow! I had no idea you guys had embarked on this amazing journey! And with two weeks on the road you’ve seen alligators, a zillion species of birds and butterflies, met Fred and Ricky (awaiting a future post with Lucy & Ethel), danced up a storm to live tunes, toured Epcot, visited with family & friends, experienced magic pretty much everyday, and have been graced by the love of humanity.

    Your blog reminds me of how when we take these long journeys and write about them we tend to examine and savor every moment of the day. Something we could all do more of, I suspect, in our normal day-to-day.

    Looking forward to the biking 🚵 part of the pilgrimage. Happy trails and buen Camino, PFJ and OpS O.

    – Jennifer xo

    P. S. hi to Jackie🙋🏼
    P.S.S. Love the photo of you two in front of Epcot!

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  4. John, Janice and I are in Florida today, leaving from Jacksonville by bike on Saturday headed to Fort Myers Beach. From there we are taking the ferry to Key West and up the east coast back to Jacksonville. Enjoy the southern tier and be safe! Ride on. Doug


  5. Sorry to hear the frig was still on the “fritz” By the time you get going all issues will be repaired and you’ll have smooth sailings. Good to hear about your adventures!


  6. When you ever make it to walk with Phil on his Camino, make sure you check out the light house on Vashon Island. Didn’t you just go whacko in the Waco???😎

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  7. What a marvelous adventure for you two youngsters! Stay safe – keep the sun on your backs and air in your tires. Really enjoying your interesting blog. I remember when your riding RAGBRAI seemed like a long journey and now it’s just one little state in your cross country odyssey. I have a great Denver gal pal, Polly Letosky, who wrote 3MPH which chronicled her journey as she was the first woman (or person – can’t remember which) to walk around the world. I hesitate to mention that now as it may come across as a challenge to PFJ. However, she did just record the audio which Cathy might love listening to as she follows in STella. Looking forward to reading your riding adventures. You two never cease to amaze me. Massages, food, laundry, and comfy beds await when you pedal through our great state. Love and prayers to you both.


  8. Glad you enjoyed your Tour in the Biplane John & Cathy. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, we’ll be tracking your progress with enthusiasm! Cheers – Dave & Veronica

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  9. John,
    You two are doing what we want to be doing , so lucky to have your health and adventurous spirit. Looking forward to the journey.


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